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Writing emails people actually enjoy

For a while I’ve been frustrated. The state of sales and business email is frankly sad.

As a marketer looking at my inbox, my reaction is typically this:

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Boring, unimaginative, uninspiring emails that no one in the right mind would ever pay attention to are taking my time and attention away from cool projects and creating needless distractions.

Business email should be fun and entertaining and personal. Sales people should feel empowered to make meaningful connections with us that go further than {{}}.

Today, I’m doing something about it.

I’m launching GitSales.

GitSales makes it easy to send more personalized email at scale. No more cheesy first name variable tags and no more boring and dry email communications. Build real relationships with prospects by focusing on writing things they actually want to read.

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If you’re a founder, a SDR, or marketer and looking for a way to send more effective personalized emails in half the time, you’re in the right place. Sign up for early access and join us as we make sales emails fun, fast, and personal.

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P.S. If you’re looking for a sneak peak at exactly what we’re building and how we’re building it, take a look here.

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