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The best resources on strategy

The other day I was speaking with a friend who expressed an interest in business strategy. I collected some of my favorite books, sites, and podcasts to share with him. This is a lightly edited form of this list. Most resources are oriented towards startups, investing, or sports. I’ve also included a crash course with just 4 short resources that should get you 80% of the way there on strategy. If you enjoy those then you can find all of my favorite strategy resources below.

Strategy Crash Course:

“Work as hard as you can. Even though who you work with and what you work on are more important than how hard you work.” - Naval

Watch This: This is Water - Perspective on how to live

Read This Thread: Naval, How to Get Rich - How to Get Rich

Read this Speech: Mirrored Reciprocity - A foolproof framework for interacting with the world

Read this Book: Antifragile

That’s it! If you enjoy those then you will probably like the list of resources below.

All Resources


“We all believe that we are at the precipice of an enormous crossroad in American politics. But what if it’s not a choice at all? What if the choice has already been made for us?” - Epsilon Theory

Stratechery - Tech Strategy

Farnam Street - Mental Models

Epsilon Theory - A Unique Perspective on Finance and Politics

Paul Graham - The definitive guide to startups

Threads & Essays

“Every single other person in the whole world, has this list in their head – trustworthy, principled, courageous, competent, loyal, kind, understanding, forgiving, unselfish, and in every single one of your interactions with others, be the list!” - Mirrored Reciprocity

Naval, How to Get Rich - How to Get Rich

Mirrored Reciprocity - A foolproof framework for interacting with the world

pmarca - On Startups, Strategy, & Productivity

How to Make Wealth - Wealth

Keep Your Identity Small - Identity and influence on thinking

Sam Hinkie Resignation Letter - Prescient and Powerful

Career Advice - Best of the Best

The Days are long but the decades are short - On time horizons

How to be successful - Quick guide to progress

Dennis Rodman and the art of portfolio optimization - Investing strategy through basketball strategy

Steve Yegge - The differences between Amazon and Google 


“Curiosity is antifragile, like an addiction, and is magnified by attempts to satisfy it—books have a secret mission and ability to multiply, as everyone who has wall-to-wall bookshelves knows well.” - Antifragile

Poor Charlie’s Almanack - Mental Models, Psychology, and UnCommon Sense

Antifragile - Non-linearity, practical stats, and payoffs

Winning Ugly - On tennis and how to win as an underdog


“Failure comes from a failure to imagine failure - Josh Wolfe, Invest Like the Best

Invest Like the Best - Incredibly insightful conversations

The Knowledge Project - Mental model

Venture Stories - Fresh takes on startups

Email me your favorite sites, books, and podcasts on strategy!