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A quick guide to my writing

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If you’ve arrived here, you’re in the right place. I've been writing drafts of articles for a couple years now and it’s time to make them public. I hope with my writing I’ll go deeper on obscure subjects and write about things you can’t get elsewhere. If you have ideas to share or if my writing reminds you of something please feel free to contact me below.

I have a wide set of interests and you may follow me for one interest but not care about another. Instead of having separate blogs, it seems easiest to denote each interest with an emoji in the subject line.

Here’s what I’ll mostly be writing about

My 3 Loves

Books 📚

I love to learn and I love to read. I currently keep track of all the books I read and rate them, but it’s probably better for me and everyone else if I shared my thoughts about some of them. Some will be short summaries, others will explore radical ideas contained in the books. I also have mini-guides of books you may enjoy reading simultaneously that I’ll share too.

Football 🏈

I hang out with a lot of tech people and many of them think sports are dumb and unimportant. I want to change that. Football is a dynamic team coordination activity that is extremely complex. When our preconceived notions are challenged, we gain empathy. Through football, I want people to not only appreciate the difficulty of sports, but of other careers that people think are easy or simple.

Startups, Tech, & Investing 🚀

I find building businesses and investing extremely rewarding, especially when technology is involved. I don’t do much writing on startups but I hope to do more as I develop in the future.

If an article doesn’t fit into one of these categories but I still think it’s interesting I’ll probably leave out the emoji. These writings should hopefully be broad enough that everyone can appreciate them. I encourage you to try to read things outside of your area of interest. I’ve learned a lot about investing from football and vice versa. You never know, but if you don’t want to read it, an emoji will be in the subject to let you know. Every now and then I might slip in a coffee article ☕ so be on the lookout for those as well.

If you’re still hanging around, here’s a picture of me on Stanford’s campus (just visiting)

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

If you have feedback for me you can email me at leonjcoe at gmail dot com. Kind words, book recommendations, and interesting ideas are always appreciated.